Non-Contatct & Protector

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  • Safety - This Upgraded Door handle assistant can help you press the elevator buttons, pull drawer handles/door knobs and so on without touching directly.
  • Very Easy To Use - Ergonomic design makes it easy and quick to press buttons and pull levers. Just Hold on one side and make the other one side touch other things.
  • Widely used - The Hygiene Hand was initially designed to help you open doors and sign your name but it can be used for so much more. It truly is a EDC device.Use the Hygiene Hand is to press buttons, move a chair, flush a toilet, and carry grocery bags, etc.
  • Mini Size - Small and lightweight, designed for comfortable everyday carry.


Mini Self-Cleaning Reusable Handle Tools, Press Elevator Button Hand Stick for Home Outdoor

Disinfectant Defender Elevator Button Non contact Press Tool Disinfection Door Hand Free


Made of Alloy, practical and durable.

Product description:the main function of using non-contact tool

It can avoid direct contact between hands and pollutant in the air.

When you need to open the door, Stretches over door knob, press the buttons and turn the door knob easily

Slips on quickly with no tools required. No drill and tools need, no harm to the door.

It is small in size, which is convenient and fast. You can take it with you.

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1pc door opener