Tennis Vibration Dampener - Pack of 12

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Bullet points:

🙂Material: Made of high quality silicone.

🙂Easy to install, and you do not have worry about it falling off racket

🙂The vibration dampener has a unique design: Smiling face

🙂The vibration dampener reduces or in some cases eliminates the ping sound that you hear when the ball and your racquet makes contact

🙂Perfect for use on tennis and squash rackets. Its a great gift for friends and family who love tennis or squash (Racket Ball)


The maximum area can effectively reduce the shock caused when the ball, holding the racket steady.

The advantage of our vibration dampeners:

1.Fast and easy to install.  2.Less fatigue in your shots 3.Never falling off racquet


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What’s the Purpose of a Vibration Dampener?

The main purpose of a tennis racquet vibration dampener is to reduce the vibration of the racquet strings and subsequently reduce or eliminate the “ping” sound you hear when you strike a ball.

This sound is the bane of some tennis players’ existences, and that’s why they use a vibration dampener on their racquets. Essentially, they want to dull the ping and make the sound more solid and sharp.

Is a vibration dampener right for me?

The decision to use a vibration dampener is subjective.

While it may work for one player, it may not for another. So, it’s all a matter of what’s right for you. For instance, if you don’t like the ping sound that we discussed before, maybe you should consider giving the vibration dampener a try.

The best way to know if it’s for you is to test it out and see if you like it.

Please Note:

One of the primary misconceptions with vibration dampeners is that they reduce vibration and shock generated when hitting a tennis ball, to the extent that would help reduce common tennis injuries. However, there is little evidence supporting the idea that vibration dampeners reduce the shock enough to help prevent injuries like the tennis elbow.

How to install vibration dampener?

Vibration dampeners are inserted into a tennis racquet string bed outside the pattern of crossed strings and typically below the bottom-most cross string of a racquet. This falls directly above the throat of a tennis racquet.

The two most common questions and rules about vibration dampeners that frequently come up are:

  1. Where they can be placed on the racquet?

Players can place vibration dampeners anywhere outside the pattern of the cross strings. This means that they can be placed anywhere on the outer edges of the stringed (left, right, bottom and/or top). Typically you will see them placed towards the bottom of the racquet where the center main string and first cross string meet.

  1. How many a player can have on their racquet at once?

There is no strict limit on how many stoppers you can use, you can have as many vibration dampeners as you want, assuming you follow the above rule.