Bird Netting

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Brand: Ationgle

Color: Black


  • Size: 25' x 50', Mesh Size: 1'' x 1''
  • Easy to install, practical and secure
  • UV protection & weather resistant + resistant to rotting
  • Made of nylon and polyethylene, highly durable and reusable
  • Multi-uses for your garden such as protecting plants, fruits, vegetables and fish ponds from birds or poultry

Publisher: Ationgle

Details: Material: Polyethylene and Nylon
Size: 25"x 50"
Color: Black
This net is ideal for birds, poultry and aviary. It protects fruit crops, berries, bushes, plants, flowers, and vegetables from being ate. It is also can be used to cover the fish pond and create an open enclosure for hens. Keeps them in and keeps the hawks out .This new black mesh bird netting is made of nylon and polyethylene that have corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear and tear, tensile, and waterproof. You can reuse it for 3 years at least in good keeping. The network structure of the net can prevent the birds eat the crops, but also ensures the sunshine and moisture on the crops. Besides, it is easy to install, practical and secure.
Tips: Don't unroll the whole thing. Start in one corner and fasten it as you unroll it. If you have to lay it out, make sure your ground is smooth without sticks or things to snag on, then refold it to move it.
Don't place the net directly over your plants. The birds can still peck through and get to your plants. Throw this over some stakes so you have a good distance between the plant and the net. This will also help with the tangling problem.

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