4-2 Water Bottle Storage Silver

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HEAVY-DUTY – Our water jug holder is made of premium Q235 carbon steel with silver paint, which makes it steady, durable, rustproof and corrodes resistant.

💧Open Dimension: 25”(L) x 12.6”(W) x 42.9”(H).

💧Fold Dimension: 0.8”(L) x 12.6”(W) x 42.9”(H).

💧Weight: 15.64 lbs.

💧Capacity: The 3-tier metal rack can hold up to 8 of the 5-gallon water jugs.

💧 Easy To Assemble: Easy to assemble with tools in our package, and it is detachable if you need to place them in different places.

6 reviews for 4-2 Water Bottle Storage Silver

  1. Jessie Sievert

    This is a sturdy and easy to assemble water jug holder. it works much better than trying to stand the jugs on top of each other, I’m kidding of course. seriously though this is a really handy stand if you have several jugs for your water dispenser. the only issue i can find is that it wont swap out the empty ones when my kids conveniently leave an empty.

  2. Randy StClair

    As someone who drinks only water and needs to store lots of water gallons, this is a solid choice. The legs are straight and even on my tile flooring. Recommend having a helper to speed up setting it up.

  3. Erez David NOY

    I was able to assemble this myself in about 20 minutes. I have 12-5 gallon waters that I keep on hand. I live in Florida and like to keep prepared for Hurricanes plus we drink a lot of water. I got this to get them off the floor and to be more organized. It is very sturdy and handles 40 gallons of water with easy.

  4. BC

    I use this jug rack to hold 5 gal glass jugs and it works perfectly fine, I think it would be alright for the 3 gal glass jugs.

  5. S.Brady

    This worked fine for holding eight of my five gallon water jugs. I anchored it to the wall to prevent an accidental tip over. Saved me a lot of floor space.

  6. Michael D. Albert

    The assembly is simple if you pay attention to what you are doing. However, some of the bolts are extremely difficult to tighten because the holes on the end pieces are too small. The provided Allen wrench wasn¡¯t long enough to provide adequate leverage, but I have a longer one and it worked, but with difficulty. Once assembled, it does exactly what it is supposed to do. It holds eight 5-gallon bottles of water.

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