3-2 Water Bottle Storage Black

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HEAVY-DUTY METAL FRAME – This 3 tiers water jug rack is easy assembly by following the assemble guidance in the package, and it is also easy to detach if you need to place them in different places.

💧EASY to assemble & detachable, no tools required

💧Materials: The frame of the water bottle rack is constructed with upgraded sturdy carbon steel with corrosion-resistant silver coating.

💧 Floor Protection: The adjustable anti-slip rubber feet ensure the water gallon holder stands firmly on the floor while effectively preventing the floor from scratch.

💧 Practical Space Saver: By stacking the water bottles on the rack, this water jug organizer helps you to improve space utilization and keep the space neat and clean.

💧Suitable For: This free-standing water bottle storage system is recommended for kitchen, restaurant, office, storeroom, etc.

6 reviews for 3-2 Water Bottle Storage Black

  1. Someone Different

    Love the metro style construction. much better than the last one I got. not a fan of the 3×2 configuration (takes up more floor space) but I understand not wanting to go too vertical without much stouter parts
    I am going to print some brackets and put a shelf on the top so I can recover some of that space in the room.

  2. Fernando Martinez

    We drink a lot of water in our house. We keep 7 barrels on standby. This thing gave me at least 6sqft of my kitchen back. It seems flimsy from the pictures but it¡¯s pretty stout. We actually put a 7th bottle on top. Probably shouldn¡¯t but it¡¯s been holding for months. Recommend attaching it to the wall with either the wire it comes with or a clamp makes changing bottles easier.

  3. Sheri

    This was super easy to assemble!
    And very sturdy it holds the 5 gallon water jugs with no problem and the water jugs sit perfectly and can be easily removed with no issue! Would def buy again.

  4. alexis

    So easy to assemble and a quality products.
    I didn’t want something bulky because the 5 gallon bottles are big enough. So this rack was exactly what I was looking for. I would suggest when you assemble the rack tilt the bottles upwards.

  5. Becca

    This is a decent water jug rack. It could be a little more durable but it’s good enough. It holds 6 5 gallon bottles with no issues. Help with space and water storage. Would recommend.

  6. Youssef Hafez

    Prior to purchasing this, our 5 gallon kettle was taking up a lot of valuable floor space. This is exactly what I needed and it was easy to assemble.

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