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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Purchase of water cooler jug rack does not include water bottles.

It came with four plastic pads to ensure that the water bottle rack can hold the kettle firmly and prevent the floor from being scratched.

Ationgle bottle storages can hold standard 3 or 5-gallon water bottle jugs. Meet the water storage needs of most homes, offices and restaurants and can effectively save space, efficiently keeping the business area tidy and organized.

It is made of premium solid carbon steel, with a corrosion-resistant silver coating, which is rust-proof, durable and steady. In order not to shorten the service life of the water bottle storages, it is recommended not to put it outside.

We are supplied with the tools you need for assembly in the package, it’s easy to assemble.

No.It is so easy to assemble that you can spend only 5 minutes to finish the building even without any instructions.

Each water bottle tray can hold up to 40 pounds, far more than the weight of a 5-gallon water bottle jug.

It seems to be OK, as long as the size is the same, but it is recommended that you add some anti-collision fillers so as not to directly contact the metal.