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5 Gallon Water Jug Holder

Available in 3 Tiers or 4 Tiers or 5 Tiers

Now you can keep your water jugs stacked in one spot! No need to hide them in a room, or have them in your way in the kitchen. Instead get this sturdy, metal rack to hold all of your water bottle jugs.

How to Install?

         Align steel beam with holes
         on the steel arm.
         Put 2 screw gaskets between
         each Screw. Use the L-wrench
         to revolve the screws tight
         into holes the steel Arm.
         Adjust the rubber feet to
         make the shelf rack balanced
         on the floor.
         Put the water bottles on
         the rack.

6 Water Bottle Storage

These water bottle rack can hold up to 6 of the 5-gallon water jugs.

8 Water Bottle Storage

These water bottle rack can hold up to 8 of the 5-gallon water jugs.

10 Water Bottle Rack

These water bottle rack can hold up to 10 of the 5-gallon water jugs.

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5 gallon water bottle holder series, the best choice for garages, kitchens, offices, restaurants and  so on.

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choosing the right
water bottle rack?

Our water cooler jug rack can be used in the kitchen, home, office, breakroom, storeroom, etc.

By keeping your water jugs stacked in one spot with our water bottle holder, you can not only optimize the space utilization but also make the space tidy and organized.

Customer Reviews!

The water rack can be detached if you need to place them in a different places.

Decided to start keeping two extra 5gal jugs of water on hand. This created an issue with floor space in a small town home. This water stand is absolutely perfect. Looks good, easy to put together, and freed up floor space. Very happy!

Sarah Jones


Excellent overall – two thumbs up. We desperately needed our water bottles off to the side and out if the way from walking. This system has worked perfectly! 

Jessica Foxx

Simple and sturdy. The adjustable feet are a nice feature, super easy to assemble maybe less than a half hour, super sturdy and good quality (I got the silver), and wonderful customer service!

Briana Luke

Restaurant Manager

We love this stand. It really gave us some space back. We drink a lot of water in my house, so not having these jugs isn’t an option. Very sturdy. Easy to assemble. I think my husband had it up in like 10 minutes or less. Very good.

Brian Lindsey


Fast shipping! Easy assembly (approx. 15 mins). Only con is that bottles slightly leak being in this position. This is a great space saver! It holds all my six bottlesOther than that, great space saver!


Restaurant Manager

I love this water bottle holder it has made organizing all of my bottles extremely easy and now it took up less space than I expected. glad for that. Definitely recommend this water jug holder if your in the search for one. It’s easy to assemble as well.

Jhovana Huerta-Pedroza


No more water on the floor. I was concerned that because I did not get the reinforced model that is this one would be flimsy but it is not it is extremely sturdy and holds the bottles very well

Big Mike

Restaurant Manager

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What size bottles can ationgle water bottle rack hold?

Ationgle bottle storage can hold standard 3 or 5-gallon water bottle jugs.
Meet the water storage needs of most homes, offices and restaurants
and can effectively save space, efficiently keeping the business area
tidy and organized.

Does it come with the bottles?

No. Purchase of water cooler jug rack does not include water bottles.

Will the bottom of this shelf scratch the floor?

It came with four plastic pads to ensure that the water bottle rack
can hold the kettle firmly and prevent the floor from being scratched.

What is the maximum weight capacity?

Each water bottle tray can hold up to 40 pounds, far more than
the weight of a 5-gallon water bottle jug.

Does my water bottle holder come assembled?

No.It is so easy to assemble that you can spend only 5 minutes to
finish the building even without any instructions.